17. Using Level Up

17.1. Arriving on Site

17.1.1. Presite

  1. When you pull up to the site decide on the best placement of the RV on the site.

  2. While you are discussing the perfect spot to park the RV, launch the Level Up application and go to the Levelling screen.

  3. Pull out all your levelling blocks etc so they are accessible

  4. Back the trailer into the site.

17.1.2. Side to Side Leveling

  1. Use the oneView application to get the trailer level side to side, using the oneView application and the various wheel blocks and boards, to get the trailer within your measurement resolution specification.

  2. Once you are done with the side to side measurement ensure that the trailer wheels are chocked

17.1.3. Front to Back Leveling

  1. Begin by disconnecting your seven way connector, safety chains, breakaway cable and if you have a weight distribution hitch remove the bars and/or chains. Leave the trailer on the ball of the tow vehicle.


    When disconnecting your trailer follow your normal routine/procedure specifically with respect to the removal of you weight distribution equipment. If required.

  2. With everything disconnected deploy the power jack or jacks and begin to lift the front of the trailer. Once the tongue has cleared the ball move the tow vehicle away from the trailer. From the oneView Levelling Screen press the Set button (Hitch Position). With the hitch height recorded begin to lower the front of the trailer using the tongue jack while monitoring the oneView application until the hitch height goes green and the trailer is with your specified measurement resolution.

  3. Press the Park button on the Levelling Screen (Pro version only) to enable the motion events and record the trailer position.

  4. Deploy all the corner jacks to secure the trailer and then double check that the trailer is still level in the front to back and side to side axis.#. * Enjoy your time away.

17.2. Leaving Site

  1. Pull in all the slides, stow the stairs

  2. Raise the corner jacks

  3. Launch the oneView application and connect to the Level Up module

  4. Go the Levelling Screen.

  5. Press the Recall button (Hitch Position). The background will turn black.

  6. Raise the front of the trailer to the height indicated in the oneView application. The height should go green when the tongue is high enough to clear the ball of the tow vehicle.

  7. Back the tow vehicle up to the trailer and lower the trailer on to the ball. Lock the hitch onto the ball

  8. Press the Return button to get back to the regular levelling screen or exit the application.

  9. Connect seven way connector to tow vehicle, safety chains, break away cable, weight distribution components

  10. Retract that tongue jack all the way up.

  11. Double CHECK all the cables, chains and the weight distribution components.

  12. Check the tongue is locked.

  13. Check the lights