13. EMS Installation

Level Up Pro supports Progressive Industries EMS-HW30C and EMS-HW50C Electrical Management System. The Progressive Industries EMS modules are not included with Level Up Pro and is a separate purchase.

The Level Up manual is not a replacement for the Progressive Industries manual. You should consider the Progressive Industries manual as the authoritive source when it comes to the installation and of the Progressive Industries module. This manual only covers the integration between the Level Up module and the Progressive Industries EMS.


Progressive Industries - EMS-HW30C - EMS and Surge Protection - Courtesy of www.progressiveindustries.net


We should be absolutely clear that Level Up is not associated, has no relationship with nor has anything to do with Progressive Industries. We have never talked to them, had any contact with them regarding their EMS product lines or introduced them to Level Up.

We simply choose Progressive Industries as we felt they had the right product and in our minds EMS should be built in to travel trailers not connected externally on the pedestal.

You should carefully read the Instruction manual included with your purchase of your EMS. If you have any questions regarding EMS operations, installation, maintenance, etc you should consider Progressive Industries manual to be the primary source of information. Any issues you have with your EMS-HW30C or EMS-HW50C should be referred directly to Progressive Industries.

13.1. Wiring the EMS

In this section we will focus on the EMS AC connections to the RV as well as connecting the Level Up Pro and the Progressive Industries EMS module via the RJ-11 data cable.


Level Up Pro - AC and Data Wiring

13.1.1. AC Power

In this section we will focus on the AC power connections between your RV and the Progressive Industries EMS module. This is designated in the diagram above with thick blue lines. Before you begin it would be advisable to plan out the entire project.

Things to consider:

  • were does the power come into the RV

  • where is the converter located

  • is there sufficient room to mount the Progressive Industries EMS module.

  • is there a suitable location for the remote display

  • is the data cable long enough to connect to the Level Up Pro module


There may come a day when you will need to access the surge suppression board in the Progressive Industries EMS, so plan to leave sufficent room to remove the lid to get access to the board. - Ensure that the power is disconnected from the RV to avoid injury. Before You Get Started

  • disconnect the AC Power into the RV

  • disconnect the DC Power to the RV. This can be done either by disconnecting the batteries or using the master disconnect switch if your RV is equipped with one.

  • ensure that you have a copy of the Progressive Industries EMS module instruction manual.


If your RV is equipped with a solar installation make sure that it is not powering some of the trailer systems even if the disconnect is off. Getting Started

Refer to the Progressive Industries EMS module instuction manual for installation, wiring, warnings, cautions and configuration details.


Installation Example of the Progressive Industries EMS - 30 AMP Wiring

13.1.2. Data Connections

In a standard Progressive Industries EMS installation the EMS module would be connected directly to the remote display with a single 6ft RJ-11 cable as shown below.


In a Level Up Pro installation, the Level Up Pro is installed between the Progressive Industries EMS Module and the Progressive Industries remote display as shown below. The Progressive Industries EMS module includes a 6ft RJ-11 cable. A second 6ft RJ-11 cable is supplied with your Level Up Pro module.

  • Use the first RJ-11 cable to connect the Progressive Industries the module to the Level Up Pro (either one of the jacks).

  • Use the second RJ-11 cable to connect the Level Up Pro module to the Progressive Industries remote display.



The RJ-11 connectors on the Level Up Pro module are interchangeable.

13.2. Remote Display


The great thing about the Progressive Industries remote display is that it is easy to read in almost any lighting conditions. The downside is that if you mount it in you RV specifically near your bed you will need to deal with the high intensity LED’s and the constant flashing as the module cycles through the status of the EMS.

We would recommend mounting the remote display in a cabinet or inside a closet with a door. The display should be easy to access, but you also don’t want to have to deal with the flashing LED’s in your RV when your trying to sleep.

13.3. Eliminating the Display

It is possible to operate the EMS without the remote display connected and just have the EMS connected into one of the two RJ-11 jacks on the Level Up Pro. You do loose the functionality of the bypass switch on the Progressive Industries remote display. In the event of an issue with power to the pedistal it is nice to have the option to bypass the EMS. You just need to be really careful and understand the risks associated with bypassing the EMS.


While it is certainly possible to operate the Progressive Industries EMS module without the remote display, we highly recommend that you connect the Remote Display. The bypass switch functionality is too important to do without.


If you are not sure if or when it is safe to use the bypass switch we would strongly recommend leaving it in Normal mode (not bypassed). Have a qualified RV tech or an electrician check out your installation, or have the park check the power pedestal (See Page 7 in the Progressive Industries Manual - Accidental 240 V Protection).

13.4. Device Isolation

The data connection between the Progressive Industries EMS modules and Level Up Pro are optically isolated. This means there is no electrical connection between the two modules. The Level Up module and the EMS-HW30C or EMS-HW50C modules maintain separate grounds. The isolation protects the Level Up module from the EMS in the event of a power surge through the EMS.

The Level Up module is a passive device between the EMS module and the remote screen included with the EMS module. The Level Up Pro can only report what the EMS module is reporting. Level Up cannot and does not control the EMS in any way. This was done intentionaly. The optical isolation eliminates any issues related to power surges from your pedestal through the EMS to the Level Up module.


If you are having issues with your Progressive Industries EMS. Disconnect the AC power (Shore) to the line side of the EMS before connecting or disconnecting the Progressive Industries display module (see Progressive Industries Manual Page 5). Reconnect the Progressive Industries remote display directly into the Progressive Industries EMS module (i.e. bypass the Level Up Pro module) to check if the problem still persists.

If the problem persists and Level Up Pro has been disconnected then please contact Progressive Industries support directly for assistance.


If you are not 100 percent comfortable with the installation, have your EMS installed by a certified electrician or take your trailer to an RV dealer or repair center.